Degradation assessment of two silicon photovoltaic technologies under subtropical desert climate

Fatimazahra Oum'bark, Hicham Lotfi, Amin Bennouna, El Houssaine Ouacha


The prediction of performance of photovoltaic technologies is crucial, not only to improve the reliability and durability of these technologies but also to increase the confidence of investors and consumers in them. The accurate calculation of the degradation rate DR (%) in real operating conditions under specific climatic stresses is, therefore, paramount. The present study provides a comparison of performance losses of two silicon PV technologies installed on the rooftop of the Higher School of Technology in Laâyoune-Morocco. The two systems are a polycristalline array (pc-Si: 1.82 kWp) and an amorphous array (a-Si: 1.55 KWp), which are grid connected. In the light of related performance gathered over three-year, the degradation rates of the two systems were estimated using four statistical methods under the open-source software R. The techniques engaged in this paper are: classical seasonal decomposition (CSD), holt-winters (HW), autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA), and seasonal and trend decomposition by LOESS (STL). The results obtained using those methods show that DR(%) varies between 0.39% and 0.99% for pc-Si and between 0.29% and 0.64% for a-Si. The analysis of degradation accuracy shows that STL and CSD techniques provide results with high accuracy than ARIMA and HW for the two systems. The present study adds to knowledge on PV degradation under the subtropical desert climate of Laâyoune.


ARIMA; CSD; Degradation rate; Holt-winters; Silicon PV technologies; STL

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