Solar panels overheating protection: a review

Imad Laabab, Said Ziani, Abdellah Benami


Reduced energy consumption is a direct result of building optimization. Solar panels and heat detectors can provide the necessary power. After years of refinement and development, methods for regulating solar panels' output are finally finding their way into everyday life, where they are having a dramatic impact on the foundations of sustainability. This document provides an up-to-date assessment of several strategies for preventing solar panels from overheating, all of which serve to boost their efficiency and prolong their service life. It begins with a brief background on protection technologies before moving on to a survey of recently filed patent applications that address this topic. The study concludes with a proposed assessment of the strengths and shortcomings of these safeguards. We anticipate that the information included in this review paper will be an invaluable tool for scholars and researchers.


Overheating; Protection; Review; Solar panel; Sustainability

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