Proficient matrix codes for error detection and correctionin 8-port network on chip routers

Neelima Koppala, Nagarajan Ashok Kumar, Satyam Satyam, Neeruganti Vikram Teja


This paper verifies the applicability of the proposed code to dynamic Network on Chips that have variable faulty blocks with runtime suggesting an online error detection mechanism with adaptive routing algorithm that bypasses faulty components dynamically and the router architecture uses additional diagonal state indications for the reliable network on chip (NoC) operation. In NoC, the permanently faulty routers are disconnected to enable high runtime throughput as data packets are not lost due to self-loopback mechanism. The proposed proficient matrix codes use the capabilities of decimal matrix code technique with minimum check bits for maximum error correction capability. The proposed code is compared with existing codes such as decimal matrix codes, modified decimal matrix codes and parity matrix codes. The codes are developed in verilog hardware description language and simulated in the Xilinx ISE 14.5 tool. This proficient matrix code proves to be efficient for multiple adjacent error detection and correction with trade off in delay. Also 65% code rate is achieved with 22.73% less redundant bits that occupy less area by atleast 11.78%. The codes when used for increased data sizes like 8, 16, 32, and 64 bits, the power delay product decreased by atleast 1.74%.


Dynamic networks; Matrix codes; Network on chip; Router; Throughput

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