Proper insertion of DSTATCOM in distribution networks based on VSM with network reconfiguration

Abdullah Fawzi Shafeeq, Inaam Ibrahim Ali


Voltage stability is necessary to maintain the grid system healthily. The load demand has been steadily increasing that causing high losses and voltage drops, endangering the system's stability. This study proposes the suitable insertion of distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) based on voltage stability margin (VSM) with optimum network reconfiguration (ONR) to reduce losses and enhance the voltage profile. The findings are acquired utilizing recommended methodologies and test systems such as the IEEE-33 bus and 39 bus of an Iraqi distribution network, which are done using CYME and MATLAB software. The proposed approach may be able to solve the problem by aiding distribution network operators in estimating the size and location of DSTATCOM.


Distribution network; DSTATCOM; Optimal network reconfiguration; Voltage stability margin

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