A Future Home Power System with Contactless Power Transmission Technologies

Lan Jian Yu, Tang Hou Jun


The traditional home power system is not suitable for the current complex household appliances for its low efficiency, which need a new power system. In this paper, a future home power system with contactless power transmission (CPT) technologies is proposed. Besides, with the consideration of using renewable power, a solar power hybrid generation system is integrated in the future power system. In addition, the distributed power system is introduced to the proposed power system instead of traditional centralized power method. The distributed power system is more stable and efficient. On the other hand, thanks to the CPT technologies, household appliances will be more safe and friendly by using CPT systems than before by eliminating cords and plugs. A simulation by PSIM DEMO version of the proposed future power system shows that the proposed concept is feasible. Furthermore, a CPT prototype has been fabricated to analyze the circuit characteristics of the CPT system.A novel concept of home power system is proposed, elaborated in detail and simulated by computer software.


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11591/telkomnika.v11i12.3692


CPT, renewable power, distributed power system, simulation

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