Reclust: an efficient clustering algorithm for mixed data based on reclustering and cluster validation

Amala Jayanthi Maria Soosai Arockiam, Elizabeth Shanthi Irudhayaraj


Clustering is a significant approach in data mining, which seeks to find groups or clusters of data. Both numeric and categorical features are frequently used to define the data in real-world applications. Several different clustering algorithms are proposed for the numerical and categorical datasets. In clustering algorithms, the quality of clustering results is evaluated using cluster validation. This paper proposes an efficient clustering algorithm for mixed numerical and categorical data using re-clustering and cluster validation. Initially, the mixed dataset is clustered with four traditional clustering algorithms like expectation-maximization (EM), hierarchical cluster (HC), k-means (KM), and self-organizing map (SOM). These four algorithms are validated, and the best algorithm is selected for re-clustering. It is an iterative process for improving the quality of cluster results. The incorrectly clustered data is iteratively re-clustered and evaluated based on the cluster validation. The performance of the proposed clustering method is evaluated with a real-time dataset in terms of purity, normalized mutual information, rand index, precision, and recall. The experimental results have shown that the proposed reclust algorithm achieves better performance compared to other clustering algorithms.


Clustering; Hierarchical cluster; K-means; Mixed data; Numerical and categorical data; Re-clustering

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