Linear precoder optimization of spectral efficiency of time division duplex hyper MIMO system with pilot contamination

Zanga Mvodo Martin Paulin, Koko Same Louis Christian, Essiben Dikoundou Jean-François


Our work is developed in context of studing Massive MIMO in a 5G context. The aim is to optimize spectral efficiency of several users hyper MIMO system during Uplink communication in a multi-cell contaminated pilot environment, using a new type of precoders called single cell-minimum mean square eroor (S-MMSE) and multicell-minimum mean square eroor (MMMSE). Indeed, we address two key and well-known issues of massive multiuser MIMO (MU-MIMO) environments in a test-driven development (TDD) operation scheme, namely acquisition of uplink channel state information (UL) and optimisation of the bit stream per unit frequency, the spectral efficiency (SE). From a practical point of view, these two notions are inclusively linked. Indeed, a very good channel estimation leads to a better spectral efficiency. In our approcah, we derive from the minimum mean square error estimator (MMSE) to two new types of precoders that can operate in a multicell environment with a contaminated pilot sequence, namely the SMMSE and the M-MMSE. A comparative study performance of these classical precoders such as regulated zero forcing (RZF), ZF (Zero Forcing) and MR (Minimum Ratio) encountered in multi-antenna processing shows an improvement of nearly 51% in terms of system gain and spectral efficiency.


Channel estimation; Contaminated pilot; Hyper MIMO multi-user; Minimum mean square error; Spectral efficiency

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