Design, fabrication and performance analysis of floodlight shaped microstrip antenna for Wi-Fi/IoT applications

John Colaco, Jillian Cotta


This paper proposes a design and fabrication of a floodlight-shaped microstrip patch antenna using flame-retardant (FR)-4 substrate within the frequency band of 1-6 GHz. The proposed antenna resonating at a multi-frequency band (2.01-2.2 GHz, 3.7-3.8 GHz, 4.82-4.96 GHz, and 5.61-6 GHz) is suitable for Wi-Fi and IoT applications. The proposed antenna has a size of 50×60×1.6 mm 3. The design was implemented using CADFEKO software, and the same was fabricated and measured using a vector network analyzer. Further, the performance analysis of the structure is carried out using the CADFEKO software, firstly by shifting the location of the microstrip feed line along the width of the patch and secondly by amending the structure. The verdicts show that the proposed antenna provides high impedance matching at multi-frequency bands and shows a very good agreement between simulated and fabricated results. The changed feed-line location and modified structure provide improved performance, which can be utilized for various other wireless communication channels.


Antenna; Floodlight; Frequency; IoT; Microstrip; Wi-Fi

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