A bio inspired maximum power point tracking controller for PV systems under partial shading conditions

Titri Sabrina, Azli Hadjer, Izeboudjen Nouma, Larbes Cherif


Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is a technique used in extracting the maximum power from a photovoltaic panel (PV) under different weather conditions. The last decade has witnessed a wide variety of algorithm based on MPPT controllers, ranging from simple to more complexe ones. Each of them has its own advantage and disadvantage. Hence, it is crutial to propose methods that are both simple and effective to track and maintain the MPPT of a PV system, even under partial shading conditions. In this study, we propose a new bio inspired method namely seagull optimization algorithm (SOA) for solving the MPPT problem in a PV system. To evaluate the proposed SOA _MPPT performance in terms of accuracy, convergence and stability, a simulation methodology is used. First, by tunning the appropriate parameters, then, we consider the following scenarios: rapid change of solar irradiation, temperature, and three patterns to test partial shading effect. The results are compared with latest bio-inspired methods, namely, particle swarm optimization (PSO), Bat optimisation algorithm (BAT) and fire fly algorithm (FA). The obtained results confirm the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed controller compared to existing conventional and bio inspired controllers.


Bio inspired optimization; Maximum power point tracking; Partial shading; Photovoltaic system; Seagull optimization algorithm

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v28.i3.pp1425-1436


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