Comparative evaluation of optical amplifiers in passive optical access networks

Bimogo Joseph Armel, Essiben Dikoundou Jean-Francois, Ihonock Eyembe Luc


In this paper, the parameters of optical amplifiers are evaluated using numerical methods with the Optisystem software. The main objective of this evaluation is the implementation of an optical telecommunication architecture, able to push back the current limits, due to a more and more restricted bandwidth following a demand which does not stop growing. We start from a study of the classical architecture of an optical telecommunication network with an external modulation provided by the mach zehnder modulator, the non return to zero (NRZ) coding, a pseudo random bit generator and a continuous wave (CW) laser diode of frequency 193.1 THz. The results obtained show a transmission possibility at 30.8 dBm and an output power of 25 dBm (316 mW) with an electrical rate signal to noise (SNR) and optical rate signal to noise (OSNR) beyond 34 dBm. The successive integration of the different amplifiers will improve these results with a gain of more than 10 dBm and also provide a better signal quality.


Amplifier; Modulation; Optical; Telecommunication; Transmission

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