Performance analysis of the application of convolutional neural networks architectures in the agricultural diagnosis

Sara Belattar, Otman Abdoun, El khatir Haimoudi


Agriculture is an important sector for developing countries and farmers. Recently, numerous techniques for increasing agricultural productivity have been utilized. However, different issues are still encountered by farmers including various plant diseases. Plant diseases diagnoses are challenging research, and they should be analyzed and treated by detecting the diseased plant leaves. For that reason, in this paper, we develop our proposed architecture using convolutional neural networks (OP-CNN) as a computer-aided to detect and diagnose plant diseases. The proposed architecture can assist farmers in increasing both the quantity and quality of their agricultural productivity. Besides this, the OP-CNN helps to reduce disease prevalence through early detection. The performance of our proposed model is compared with other convolutional neural networks (CNN) architectures in order to validate its capability. The strawberry dataset was employed to train and test the models since the strawberry is one of the main crops in the Larache Province (Morocco). The experimental tests demonstrate that our proposed OP-CNN reaches the highest values versus DenseNet121, VGG19, and ResNet50 with 100%, 99%, 97%, and 63% respectively for classification accuracy, 100%, 100%, 98% and, 79% respectively for precision, 100%, 99%, 97%, and 63% respectively for recall, and 100%, 99%, 97%, and 58% respectively for "F" _1Score.


Classification accuracy; Convolutional neural networks; architectures; OP-CNN; Plant diseases detection; Strawberry plant

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