Internet of things based mobile application to improve citizen security

Yulihño Ochante-Huamaccto, Francis Robles-Delgado, Fernando Sierra-Liñan, Michael Cabanillas-Carbonell


Citizen insecurity is a social problem that has increased considerably around the world. To combat it, in this research a mobile application based on IOT has been developed with the objective of mapping crimes and incident alerts to improve citizen security. Scrum methodology was used and a significant improvement can be seen with respect to the following indicators: number of reports of dangerous places, with an increase of 102.7%; the second indicator: number of reports by type of crime, with an increase of 25.34%; and the indicator: response time to attention, with an increase of 23.5%. It is determined that there is a significant positive influence of the mobile application developed to improve citizen security.


Citizen security; Crime; Internet of things; Mobile application; Scrum

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