Convolutional neural network for the detection of coronavirus based on X-ray images

Essam Hammodi Ahmed, Majid Razaq Mohamed Alsemawi, Mohammed Hasan Mutar, Hatem Oday Hanoosh, Ali Hashem Abbas


Nowadays, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is considered an ongoing pandemic that spread quickly in most countries around the world. The COVID-19 causes severe acute respiratory syndrome. Moreover, the technique of chest computed tomography (CT) is a method used in the detection of COVID-19. However, the CT method consumes more time and higher-cost as compared with chest X-ray images. Therefore, this paper presents convolutional neural network (CNN) algorithm in the detection of COVID-19 by using X-ray images. In this method, we have used a balanced image database for the normal (healthy) and COVID-19 subjects. The total number of image database is 188 samples (94 healthy samples and 94 COVID-19 samples). Furthermore, there are several evaluation measurements are used to evaluate the proposed model such as accuracy, precision, specificity, sensitivity, F-measure, G-mean, and others. According to the experimental results, the proposed model obtains 98.68% accuracy, 100% precision, and 100% specificity. Besides, the proposed model achieves 97.37%, 98.67%, and 98.68% for sensitivity, F-measure, and G-mean, respectively. The performance of the proposed model by using CNN algorithm shows promising results in the detection of COVID-19. Also, it has outperformed all its comparatives in terms of detection accuracy.


Convolutional neural network; COVID-19 detection; Evaluation measurements; Healthcare; X-Ray images;

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