Measurement of an electroretinogram signal and display waves on graphical user interface by laboratory virtual instrument engineering workbench

Mustafa F. Mahmood, Huda Farooq Jameel, Mayss Alreem Nizar Hammed


The electroretinogram (ERG) is an electrophysiological recording method that measures the retinal electrical potential. The electrical reaction is quantified by electrical interaction of the indicator electrode with the cornea or at various levels inside the retina. However, such ERG systems suffer from certain limitations and challenges, such as high cost, low a/b-wave amplitude, and the outcomes do not provide any information about patients. In this work, we designed and implemented a real-time prototype for an ERG system for measuring eye waves via diode-transistor logic (DTL)- electrode and AD624AD-model. In addition, a graphical user interface (GUI) via virtual instrument engineering workbench (LabVIEW) was used. The developed system achieved high amplitude for ERG a/b-waves of about 100 and 700 mV. In terms of a/b-waves in the system, the findings show that this study has good results for optimizing the measurement of ERG signals. The method showed satisfactory accuracy of about 92.5% for 10 participants aged 20-60 years and comprising both genders


AD624AD-model; Arduino; DTL electrode; Electroretinogram; LabVIEW;

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