Enhancement Of Gale-Shapley algorithm with imbalanced sets for hiring and job finding applications

Arnin Aaron D. Mendoza, Leila Jorg C. Barbosa, Dan Michael A. Cortez, Raymund M. Dioses, Vivien A. Agustin, Richard C. Regala


In this paper, we discuss a modification to the Gale Shapley algorithm in this study. We concentrated on how the modified algorithm would operate if the data sets for men and women were not equal. We showed how to measure the average energies of men and women with equal and unequal sets, how the new design of the algorithm will benefit both parties by duplicating sets of data to fill the unequal sets of data, resulting in an equal set of pairings, and how to measure the average energies of men and women of the new algorithm in this paper. Having stated that, each couple will have a stable partner and/or will be queued to the algorithm's suggested stable partner.


Average energy; Gale-Shapley algorithm; Job finding; Stable marriage problem; Unequal sets;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v27.i2.pp954-958


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