Coverage enhancements of vehicles users using mobile stations at 5G cellular networks

Jaafar A. Aldhaibani, Mohanad S. Alkhazraji, Hasanain Lafta Mohammed, Abid Yaya


High mobility requirements are one of the challenges face fifth-generation wireless (5G) cellular networks by providing acceptable wireless services to users traveling at speed up to 350 km/h. This paper presents a new scenario to increase the bit rate and coverage for passengers that use the vehicles for traveling through the installation a mobile station (MS) on these vehicles to provide a high-quality service to users. Based on signal to noise ratio (SNR’s) mathematical derivation and the outage probability of the user link, the proposed system is evaluated. Numerical results indicate an enhancement for users who received signal strength (RSS) from (-72 to -55) dBm and (15 to 38) Mbps in bit rate. Moreover, their number of users increased by proposed system adoption.


5G cellular networks; Coverage area; Mobile stations; Outage probability; Received signal strength indicator;

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