State Feedback Linearization of a Non-linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive

Pilla Ramana, Karlapudy Alice Mary, Munagala Surya Kalavathi


Control system design for inverter fed drives previously used the classical transfer function approach for single-input singleoutput (SISO) systems. Proportional plus Integral (PI) controllers were designed for individual control loops.It is found that the transient response of a PI controller is slow and is improved by pole placement through state feedback. However, the effective gains of the PI controller are substantially decreased as a function of the increase of motor speed. A control system is generally characterized by the hierarchy of the control loops, where the outer loop controls the inner loops. The inner loops are designed to execute progressively faster. The speed controller (PI controller) processes the speed error and generates the reference torque. In the inner loop, firstly a non-linear controller is designed for the system by which the system nonlinearity is canceled using state or exact feedback linearization. In addition, a linear state feedback control law based on pole placement technique including the integral of output error (IOE) is used in order to achieve zero steady state error with respect to reference current specification, while at the same time improving the dynamic response.The proposed scheme has been validated through extensive simulation using MATLAB.


Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, Non-linear controller, PI controller, State feedback controller, Integral of Output Error.

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