Improving the design of super-lift Luo converter using hybrid switching capacitor-inductor cell for PV system

Hussein Abdul-Khuder Hussein, Hassan Jassim Motlak


In this article, an improvement to the positive output super-lift Luo converter (POSLC) has been proposed to get high gain at a low duty cycle. Also, reduce the stress on the switch and diodes, reduce the current through the inductors to reduce loss, and increase efficiency. Using a hybrid switch unit composed of four inductors and two capacitors it is replaced by the main inductor in the elementary circuit. It’s charged in parallel with the same input voltage and discharged in series. The output voltage is increased according to the number of components. The gain equation is modeled. The boundary condition between Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) and Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) has been derived. Passive components are designed to get high output voltage (8 times at D=0.5) and low ripple about (0.004). The circuit is simulated and analyzed using MATLAB/Simulink. Maximum power point tracker (MPPT) controls the converter to provide the most interest from solar energy.


DC-DC converter; High gain converter; Maximum power point tracker; Positive output converter; PV system;

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