Advanced control of a permanent magnet synchronous generator for a wind turbine

Abdelkader Belkacem, Zinelaabidine Boudjema, Ghalem Bachir, Rachid Taleb


This article presents an improved vector control scheme based on super twisting continuous sliding mode for a permanent magnet synchronous generator integrated in a dual roror wind turbine system. To augment the energy effectiveness of wind systems, several research has recently been realized by different researchers and in various technologies fields. The field of machine control occupied a large part of this research as the objective was always to find the most optimal control solution. Two main objectives are targeted in this work. The first goal is to develop the vector control performance of the permanent magnet synchronous generator by using second order continuous sliding mode controller, which is known for their robustness and ability to reduce chattering phenomenon. The second objective of this work is to use a dual rotor wind turbine in order to increase the energy efficiency of the wind power system used. The obtained simulation results showed the efficacy of the techniques used.


Dual rotor wind turbine; Permanent magnet sunchronous generator; Robust control; SOCSMC; Vector control;

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