Third harmonic current minimization using third harmonic blocking transformer

Vishnuprasada Vittal Bhat, Pinto Pius


Zero sequence blocking transformers (ZSBTs) are used to suppress third harmonic currents in 3-phase systems. Three-phase systems where single-phase loading is present, there is every chance that the load is not balanced. If there is zero-sequence current due to unequal load current, then the ZSBT will impose high impedance and the supply voltage at the load end will be varied which is not desired. This paper presents Third harmonic blocking transformer (THBT) which suppresses only higher harmonic zero sequences. The constructional features using all windings in single-core and construction using three single-phase transformers explained. The paper discusses the constructional features, full details of circuit usage, design considerations, and simulation results for different supply and load conditions. A comparison of THBT with ZSBT is made with simulation results by considering four different cases.


Industrial power systems; Power distribution lines; Power harmonic filters; Power quality; Power system harmonics;

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