Kenaf plant pest and disease detection using faster regional based convolutional neural network

Alfita Rakhmandasari, Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, Titiek Yulianti


Kenaf plant is a fibre plant whose stem bark is taken to be used as raw material for making geo-textile, particleboard, pulp, fiber drain, fiber board, and paper. The presence of plant pests and diseases that attack causes crop production to decrease. The detection of pests and diseases by farmers may be a challenging task. The detection can be done using artificial intelligence-based method. Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are one of the most popular neural network architectures and have been successfully implemented for image classification. However, the CNN method is still considered a long time in the process, so this method was developed into namely faster regional based convolution neural network (RCNN). As the selection of the input features largely determines the accuracy of the results, a pre-processing procedure is developed to transform the kenaf plant image into input features of faster RCNN. A computational experiment proves that the faster RCNN has a very short computation time by completing 10000 iterations in 3 hours compared to convolutional neural network (CNN) completing 100 iterations at the same time. Furthermore, Faster RCNN gets 77.50% detection accuracy and bounding box accuracy 96.74% while CNN gets 72.96% detection accuracy at 400 epochs. The results also prove that the selection of input features and its pre-processing procedure could produce a high accuracy of detection. 


CNN; Faster RCNN; Kenaf plant disease; Kenaf plant pest; Object detection

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