Study of designing regulator for temperature electrical resistance furnace using Kalman stochastic reconstructor

Benyekhlef Kada, Abdelkader El Kebir, Mohammed Berka, Hafida Belhadj, Djamel Eddine Chaouch


Electric resistance furnaces are the most popular and widely used industrial electro thermal equipment which continues to be the subject of many improvements. The aim of this paper is to control the temperature of electrical furnace for noisy thermocouple sensors. It can be assessed by observing some variables, which are very difficult to observe. Due to limitations, mainly the location of thermal sensors and their noises. In this case, the temperature measurement is trained with centered Gaussian white noise. The problem of accurate temperatures estimation for such sensors is solved using Kalman filter, which is an optimized estimator that provides a computationally efficient way to estimate system state. Thus, variables that are not directly measurable can be reconstructed from the algorithm. Kalman stochastic reconstructor (KSR). We cannot use with fixed parameters to control the temperature. For this reason, this paper comes up with a KSR approach based pole placement (PL) hybrid controller to realize an algorithm for the temperature control electrical furnace. Results based on Matlab simulation show that the improved algorithm has well produced an optimal estimate of the temperature. Evolving over time from noisy measurements. Hybrid algorithm KSR approach based PL give good performance compared to PL controllers.


Electrical resistance furnaces; Kalman stochastic reconstructor; Pole placement controller; Discrete Kalman filter algorithm;

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