Performance evaluation of SIFT against common image deformations on iban plaited mat motif images

Silvia Joseph, Irwandi Hipiny, Hamimah Ujir, Sarah Flora Samson Juan, Jacey-Lynn Minoi


Decorative plaited mat is one of the many examples of rich plait work often seen on Borneo handicraft products. The plaited mats are decorated with simple and complex motif designs; each has its own special meaning and taboos. The motif designs are used as a reflection of environment and the traditional beliefs in the Iban community. In line with efforts from UNESCO’s and Sarawak Government’s, digitization, and the use of IR4.0 technologies to preserve and promote this cultural heritage is encouraged. Towards this end goal, we present a novel image dataset containing 10 Iban plaited mat motif classes. The plaited mat motifs are made of diagonal and symmetrical shapes, as well as geometric and non-geometric patterns. Classification’s accuracy using scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) features was evaluated against 6 common image deformations: zoom+rotation, viewpoint, image blur, JPEG compression, scale and illumination, across multiple threshold values. Varying degrees of each deformation were applied to a digitally cleaned (and cropped) image of each mat motif class. We used RANSAC to remove outliers from the noisy SIFT matching result. The optimal threshold value is 2.0e-2 with a reported 100.0% matching accuracy for the scale change and zoom+rotation set.


Iban plaited mat motifs; Pattern matching; Scale-invariant feature transform; RANSAC;

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