Total power deficiency estimation of isolated power system network using full-state observer method

M. Saifuzam Jamri, Muhammad Nizam Kamarudin, Mohd Luqman Mohd Jamil


An isolated electrical network with an independent local distributed generator is very sensitive towards the contingencies between load demand and supply. Although the network system has less complexity in term of structure, its stability condition is crucial due to its stand-alone operating condition. The total power deficit in the network gives the important information related to the dynamical frequency responses which may directly affect the system’s stability level. In this paper, the approach to estimate the total power deficiency for the isolated electrical network was presented by utilized the Luenberger observer method. Although the power deficit is not the state variable in the network mathematical model, the solution of estimation problem was feasible by introducing the new variable using additional dummy system. The simulation was carried out by using MATLAB/Simulink environment and the designed estimator was verified using multifarious load demand changes. The results show that the estimated signal was successfully tracked the expected actual signal with minimum error.


Full-state observer; Input state estimation; Isolated power system; Pole placement; Power deficiency;

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