Intelligent Search Technology Combining Semantic Grid and Clustering

Cuncun Wei


It is a critical problem of P2P network about how to efficiently and accurately search resources on P2P network. This thesis mainly starts from improving query efficiency to establish an intelligent search framework. On the basis of Gnutella-flooding search technology, it applies theories of semantic ontology search combined with semantic hash routing table technology and searches accurate answer from the resource library through problem traversal query in the network and node provided in the routing table. Meanwhile, in view of the flaws of the current structuralized and non-structuralized P2P network, it applies a hierarchical clustering method to form a hierarchical semantic web through semantic clustering in the node, domain clustering and global clustering, etc. Experiment shows that this framework could well improve search, query efficiency and fault tolerance in P2P environment, extend and understand user query demands and reach the aim of accurate search.




P2P Network, Semantic Search; Semantic Grid; Hierarchical Clustering; Hash Routing Table

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