Analysis the digital images by using morphology operators

Hadeel Amjed Saeed, Sumaya Hamad, Azmi Tawfik Hussain


In this paper, we deal with morphology images that try to improve the use of images. On the one hand, the process is used to obtain the histogram of the image then converted it into a non-color image (gray scale). The next step is to perform the erosion, dilation, open and close operations on the images, how these methods have important effects, and how can be used on a variable number of images, and found the differences between them. These operations were applied on four different images, check images, four basic operations (dilation, erosion, open and close) for each image were performed. Then, retrieving process to the original state of the image (the colored copy) was applied. The results found that retrieving the original images is difficult, and there is the occurrence of some noises on the image when it was retrieved. Finally, conclusions of the work are presented.


Close; Dilation; Erosion; Mathematical morphology; Morphological operation; Open;

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