Automatic delivery-scam prevention using Raspberry-Pi

Bindu Bhaskaran, Barath Krishna Gunasekaran, Srinivasan Velumani


The word ‘automatic’ is unavoidable in this modern technical era. Automation facilitates not only technical advancement and time reduction to several processes, but also provides protection in various aspects. Delivery scam is a commonly occurring crime and it has to be reduced. Product delivery is a long process which involves various people to ensure correct delivery to the customer, providing chances for scam to occur. This paper discusses on an automatic delivery-scam prevention system with the help of Raspberry-Pi controller. This system provides safety to the ordered goods by limiting the authorisation of opening the packages to company and the customer only. It assures the safe and correct delivery of the ordered product.


Controller; One time password; Raspberry-pi; Scam; Solenoid valve;

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