Design and simulation of a software defined networking-enabled smart switch for internet of things-based smart grid

Mustafa Abdulkadhim, Noor Qusay Abdulmuhsen, Aymen M. Al-Kadhimi


Using sustainable energy is the future of our planet earth, this became not only economically efficient but also a necessity for the preservation of life on earth. Because of such necessity, smart grids became a very important issue to be researched. Many literatures discussed this topic and with the development of internet of things (IoT) and smart sensors, smart grids are developed even further. On the other hand, software defined networking is a technology that separates the cntrol plane from the data plan of the network. It centralizes the management and the orchestration of the network tasks by using a network controller. The network controller is the heart of the SDN-enabled network, and it can control other networking devices using software defined networking (SDN) protocols such as OpenFlow. A smart switching mechanism called (SDN-smgrid-sw) for the smart grid will be modeled and controlled using SDN. We modeled the environment that interact with the sensors, for the sun and the wind elements. The Algorithm is modeled and programmed for smart efficient power sharing that is managed centrally and monitored using SDN controller. Also, all if the smart grid elements (power sources) are connected to the IP network using IoT protocols.


IoT; SDN; Simulation; Smart grid; Sustainable energy;

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