Sidelobe level minimization for uniform circular smart antenna array using cultural algorithm

Asma Issa Mohsin, Asaad S. Daghal, Adheed Hasan Sallomi


Cultural algorithm (CA) is a new evolutionary program inspired by sociology and archaeology theories that assisting formulating cultural evaluation. Its use to solve optimization problems. This paper analyzed the beamforming of a uniform circular antenna array (UCAA) via using the CA algorithm. The sidelobe level (SLL) is minimized by adjusting the appropriate weight for each element. In addition, the optimal beam pattern is achieved by using CA for UCAA, which means that the main beam is steering to the desired user, while the nulls represent the interference signals. The excitation amplitude is supposed to be constant while the elements are assumed isotropic. The circular array number elements and the interspacing distance between them are setting as optimization parameters. The simulation results show that the CA rationally reacts to the changing environments, and it is valuable for SLL reduction. A −25 dB of relative SLL is achieved under beam scanning (0º) and (15º), respectively.


Beamforming; Circular array; Cultural algorithm; Smart antenna;

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