Open network structure and smart network to sharing cybersecurity within the 5G network

Aseel K. Ahmed, Abbas Akram Khorsheed


The next-generation communication system incorporates information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) for generating, delivering, and collecting, and obtaining communication power. We plan to include a brief outline of internet of thing (IoT) communication and its context, along with security concerns that arise for IoT data on the network and some methods for detecting and avoiding cyber security threats. With the rise of the 5G networks, we introduce the smart network's emergent technology and its opportunities and more cybersecurity issues. Whereas, finding or responding to a power outage is an essential part of system security That is why we will discuss the innumerable advantages of 5G networks and we must also cover the inevitable problems that we will encounter in power delivery. The use of smart IoT communication technologies is becoming more common in the energy sector, particularly with the network (5G. The smart network and energy flow integration Real-time data on generation, electricity distribution, and energy consumption is measured using computers and cutting-edge technologies. This information aids utility companies in managing electricity supply and demand, as well as price. While enhanced communication and information technologies are unquestionably crucial to the smart network.


5G; Cyber security; IoT; Machine learning; Smart network;

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