Development of smart machine for sorting of deceased onions

Kokate Mahadeo Digamber, Wankhede Vishal Ashok, Pawar Dhananjay Jagdish


Today, we are thinking to raise Farmer’s income through various means and measures. Implementation of new crop patterns, technology inclusion and promoting the eshtablishment of numerous agro processing industries will play a major role in agriculture sector. The labour issue is also one of the main concerns in many of the agricultural activities. In this paper we propose a technological evolvement in onion detection process, where we apply image processing and sensory mechanism to identify sprouted and rotten onions respectively. This will yield to quick, accurate and prompt supply of goods to the market, irrespective of lack of consistent but costly manpower. The efficiency of this prototype in identifying the sprouted onions with the help of camera is observed to be upto 87% and also the response of Gas sensing system in detecting rooten onions under prescribed chamber dimensions is analysed and obtained encouraging results.


Automated system; BLOB analysis; Gas sensing; Image processing; Onion grading; Onion sorting;

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