Design a monitoring system for COVID-19 patients

Hayder Ibrahim Hendi, Haider Hassan Mshali


This paperĀ considers to developing application software that can assist COVID-19 patients in-home quarantine to know their situations and call the emergence center when the patient needs it. It includes a smart band as well as an application on the smartphone, the smart band can determine blood oxygen levels, the temperature of the patient, environmental temperature and humidity, also daily activities that affect the decision to go to the hospital or stay at home. The core of the proposed project is using ontology and semantics web to process the data that coming from sensors (physiology and environment), and the information of patients stored in the database on the mobile application. The response depends on the dataset of affect sensors parameters and type of activity the patient at the time. There are three types of response to proposed program is (normal, alert, and emergency).


Activity daily living; COVID-19; Ontology; Semantics web; Smart band;

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