The NC Power Supply Design of Large Current and Wide Frequency Pulse in SEAM

Jianping Zhou, Yan Xu, Qiang He, Bisheng Zhou


There are a lot of ways to achieve large current pulse power supply, and the more common way is to adopt the inverter switching circuit to achieve pulse power supply. The core of the NC power supply design of large current and wide frequency pulse in SEAM is using two-stage modulation. Combined with inverter technology, DC chopper technology and NC technology, it not only can achieve the adjustability of the output pulse amplitude, but also can realize continuous adjustment of the output pulses and the duty cycle. The front stage of power supply uses DC/DC transformation circuit with the UC3879 integrated control chip as the core. With the microcontroller as the control core, the backward stage uses DC chopper circuit to achieve the NC power supply of multi-parameter adjustable output large current pulse.



short electric arc machining (SEAM), Full-bridge inverter, DC chopper, Adaptive voltage regulation

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