Acceleration based black-box accident detection and warning system

Kadri Ibrahim, Kadri Boufeldja, Beladgham Mohammed, Dahmane Oussama


This research paper has been consecrated to design a black-box accident warning system that combines both Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies to locate and send a Minimum Amount of Data containing important information about the accident gathered using different sensors such as the accident type, geographic coordinates, time and velocity of the vehicle to the intervention services (Hospitals, civil protection and police). In addition, the system exploits the data obtained via OBD-II standard to provide a reliable accident detection method based on the vehicle acceleration. Obviously, this system seemed to be the best solution for countries where the average age of vehicles is quite higher than others. The system has been placed in a real vehicle in order to test the accident detection algorithm by applying sudden medium braking.


Accident warning; GPS; GSM; Image processing; Minimum set of data; OBD-II standard;

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