WISE game: wireless interactive software educational game

Muel Fred L. Ruiz, Rica I. Esclada, Jannica H. Balderama, Anzel Anne I. Aguirre, Ma. Nancy I. Cutin, Raymund M. Lozada


This study presents the development of a wireless, interactive, educational (WISE) game that incorporates the use of smartphones for reviewing lessons that might suit the standards of the Philippine government’s education department. It is easier today to engage students using digital platforms for education using interactive digital games. In this study, the users can play the game by connecting the smartphones to the prototype through wireless local area network. It consists of two types of cards: power cards which contribute excitement to the game, and question cards which contain questions to be answered by the players. The prototype is an integration of the following components: Raspberry Pi 3B, RFID reader and cards, and speakers. A graphical user interface where the players interact with the game was created using scripting languages, such as PHP, and JavaScript. The project was evaluated by different grade school students of Metro Manila, Philippines. The results of users’ evaluation show that the prototype is accessible and effective for use based on functionality and that the project can also serve as a tool for lesson reviews. Future development of WISE game includes its integration and compatibility to different operating systems with larger databases and accessibility.


Gamification; Microcontroller; Raspberry Pi 3; Smartphone; WLAN;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v23.i3.pp1357-1365


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