Intruder detection and recognition using different image processing techniques for a proactive surveillance

Nelson C. Rodelas, Melvin A. Ballera


To innovate a proactive surveillance camera, there is a need for efficient face detection and recognition algorithm. The researchers used one of the ViolaJones algorithm and used different image processing techniques to recognize intruders or not. The goal of the research is to recognize the fastest way on how the homeowners will be informed if an intruder or burglar enters their home using a proactive surveillance device. This device was programmed based on the different recognition algorithms and a criteria evaluation framework that could recognize intruders and burglars and the design used was developmental research to satisfy the research problem. The researchers used the Viola-Jones algorithm for face detection and five algorithms for face recognition. The criteria evaluation was used to identify the best face recognition algorithm and was tested in a real-world situation and captured a series of images camera and processed by proactive face detection and recognition. The result shows that the system can detect and recognize intruders and proactively send a notification to the homeowners via mobile application. It is concluded that the system can recognize the intruders and proactively notify the household members using the mobile applications and activate the alarm system of the house.


AdaBoost; Deep learning algorithm; OpenCV; Proactive camera; Surveillance camera; Viola-Jones algorithm;

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