Early warning flood detector adopting camera by Sobel Canny edge detection algorithm method

Satryo B. Utomo, Januar Fery Irawan, Rizqi Renafasih Alinra


Early warning of floods is an essential part of disaster management. Various automatic detectors have been developed in flood mitigation, including cameras. But reliability and accuracy have not been improved. Besides, the use of monitoring devices has been employed to monitor water levels in various water building facilities. The early warning flood detector was carried out with a sensor camera using an orange ball that floats near the water level gauge in a bounding box. This approach uses the integration of computer vision and image processing, namely digital image processing techniques, with Sobel Canny edge detection (SCED) algorithms to detect quickly and accurately water levels in real-time. After the water level is measured, a flood detection process is carried out based on the specified water level. According to the results of experiments in the laboratory, it has been shown that the proposed approach can detect objects accurately and fast in real-time. Besides, from the water level detection experiment, good results were obtained. Therefore, the object detection system and water level can be used as an efficient and accurate early detection system for flood disasters.


Canny edge detection; computer vision; flood detection; ;mage processing; Sobel edge detection; water level;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v22.i3.pp1796-1802


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