Optimized and efficient deblurring through constraint conditional modelling

Ravikumar H C, P Karthik


Image deburring technique refers to restoring an image from the degraded version named blurred. Blurring can be caused due to various phenomena such as optical system, motion blur and other phenomena. Moreover, to deblur the image it is essential to know the blurring process characteristics and it is one of the difficult task. In past several deblurring algorithm have been proposed to approximate the kernel blur, however they lack the efficiency and expensive to be applied for the real world scenario. In this paper, we have proposed a CCM (constraint conditional model) to deblur the image; it learns the direct mapping from the degraded to the absolute clean image. Moreover, the main aim of CCM is to restore the image in its original form, the best advantage of CCM is that it provides handsome tradeoff between the image quality and efficiency. Moreover CCM is evaluated on the three different standard datasets by considering the different performance metrics and through the comparison analysis observation has made that CCM approach outperforms the other techniques.


Constraint conditional model; Convolution; Deblurring; Image restoring

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v21.i3.pp1503-1512


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