Remote sensing data driven bathing water quality assessment using sentinel-3

Antonia Senta, Ljiljana Šerić


In this paper we are investigating the possibility of usage of remote sensing satellite data, more precisely sentinel-3 OLCI and SLSTR data, for assessment of bathing water quality. In this research we used data driven approach and analysis of data in order to pinpoint aspects of remote sensing data that can be useful for bathing water quality assessment. For this purpose we collected satellite images for period from start of June till end of September of 2019 and results of in-situ measurement for the same period. Results of in-situ measurement were correlated with satellite images bands and analyzed. We propose a simple method for rapid assessment of possible deterioration of bathing water quality to be used by public health authorities for better planning of in situ measurements. Results of implementation of predictive models based on k-nearest neighbour (KNN) and decision tree (DT) are described.


Remote sensing; Bathing water quality; Machine learning; KNN; DT; Sentinel-3

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