The Planning and Digital Design for Welding Production Line of the Car Rear Floor

Zhang Chun-Yan, Qiao Yin-Hu, Li Feng, Chen Jie-Ping


The last two sub-assembly welding production line of the car rear floor is designed in this paper. Firstly, the welding production line of the car rear floor is complete planned and designed from global aspect by analysis the structure of body-in-white and the car rear floor; Secondly, each working position fixture are designed and the location of all fixture are arranged according to location and spot welding requirements with the CATIA software. Finally, the conveying appliance of welding production line for the car rear floor are detailed planed, according to the production program, the economic requirements to complete a three-dimensional design of delivery devices, ergonomic simulation and dynamic interference checking in the process of material transportation are realized in virtual simulation platform DELMIA software, to ensure the production line design is reasonable and feasible from theory.



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