Customer’s spontaneous facial expression recognition

Golam Morshed, Hamimah Ujir, Irwandi Hipiny


In the field of consumer science, customer facial expression is often categorized either as negative or positive. Customer who portrays negative emotion to a specific product mostly means they reject the product while a customer with positive emotion is more likely to purchase the product. To observe customer emotion, many researchers have studied different perspectives and methodologies to obtain high accuracy results. Conventional neural network (CNN) is used to recognize customer spontaneous facial expressions. This paper aims to recognize customer spontaneous expressions while the customer observed certain products. We have developed a customer service system using a CNN that is trained to detect three types of facial expression, i.e. happy, sad, and neutral. Facial features are extracted together with its histogram of gradient and sliding window. The results are then compared with the existing works and it shows an achievement of 82.9% success rate on average.


customer’s emotion; face detection; facial expressions;

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