System identification applied to a single area electric power system under frequency response

José Angel Barrios, F. Sanchez, Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt, Gianfranco Claudio


This research paper proposes a methodology to apply identification methods to find a simplified model of three different governors in a single area electric power system (SAEPS). A SAEPS with different governors-turbine is presented: a hydraulic turbine, a steam turbine and a steam reheat turbine. In this same investigation, an analytic reduction has been performed, a fifth order system was found analytically, thus a transfer function equivalent to the three different governor-turbine elements was obtained, this equivalent transfer function models the complete behavior of the three devices. Two systems identification (SI) algorithms have been proposed to apply them to this generic subspace state-space (N4SID) and generalized poisson moment functionals (GPMF) electrical system, these presented similar results. The results of the performance and simulation analysis exhibit that using the SI technique, fifth, fourth and third-order systems were obtained that graphically show a very small estimation error compared to the original signal, this fact could be check simulating the simplified models using the same input-output data. The results are presented in a table that shows a comparison of the model respond the fifth, fourth, third and second-order systems.


frequency response; parameter estimation; power systems; system identification; systems modelling;

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