An efficient data masking method for encrypted 3D mesh model

Manikamma Malipatil, D. C. Shubhangi


The industrial 3D mesh model (3DMM) plays a significant part in engineering and computer aided designing field. Thus, protecting copyright of 3DMM is one of the major research problems that require significant attention. Further, the industries started outsourcing its 3DMM to cloud computing (CC) environment. For preserving privacy, the 3DMM are encrypted and stored on cloud computing environment. Thus, building efficient data masking of encrypted 3DMM is considered to be efficient solution for masking information of 3DMM. First, using the secret key, the original 3DMM is encrypted. Second without procuring any prior information of original 3DMM it is conceivable mask information on encrypted 3D mesh models. Third, the original 3DMM are reconstructed by extracting masked information. The existing masking methods are not efficient in providing high information masking capacity in reversible manner and are not robust. For overcoming research issues, this work models an efficient data masking (EDM) method that is reversible nature. Experiment outcome shows the EDM for 3DMM attain better performance in terms of peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) and root mean squared error (RMSE) over existing data masking methods. Thus, the EDM model brings good tradeoffs between achieving high data masking capacity with good reconstruction quality of 3DMM.


3D mesh models; Chaotic sequence; Cryptography; Data masking; Watermarking method;

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