Modeling and Experimental Study on Grid-Connected Inverter for Direct Drive Wind Turbine

HUANG Wang-jun, ZENG Zhi-gang, ZHOU Hui-fang, TEN Yuan-jiang, Li Li


This paper designs a dual topological structure of grid-connected inverter for high-power wind turbine, introduces PWM converter's operational state, and establishes its mathematical model, then it puts forward the dual closed-loop vector control strategy of grid-side converter based on dq coordinate. The combination of the dual topological structure and decoupling control realizes the functioning of high-power factor and two-way transmission of energy. Grid-side converter can stabilize DC side voltage and adjust active or reactive output current independently when wind velocity changes rapidly, which leads to the change of output power in generator. The hardware experiment and simulation results verify the feasibility of the proposed control scheme in both the high stability accuracy and excellent property of grid-connection.



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