Semi-implicit Image Denoising Algorithm for Different Boundary Conditions

Yuying Shi, Yonggui Zhu, Jingjing Liu


In this paper, the Crank-Nicolson semi-implicit difference scheme in matrix form is applied to discrete the Rudin-Osher-Fatemi model. We also consider different boundary conditions: Dirichlet boundary conditions, periodic boundary conditions, Neumann boundary conditions, antireflective boundary conditions and mean boundary conditions. By comparing the experimental results of Crank-Nicolson semi-implicit scheme and explicit scheme with the proposed boundary conditions, we can get that the semi-implicit scheme can overcome the instability and the number of iterations of the shortcomings that the explicit discrete scheme has, and its recovery effects are better than the explicit discrete scheme. In addition, the antireflective boundary conditions and Neumann boundary conditions can better maintain the continuity of the boundary in image denoising.



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