Appraising the Recital of Joints in Human Running Gait through 3D Optical Motion

Sajid Ali, Zhongke Wu, Mingquan Zhou, Muhammad Aslam Asadi, Hafeez Ahmed


Recital costing of Joints in human running is biometrics evaluation technology. It has skillful series of realizations in scientific research in the last decade. In this work, we present a human running joints (hip, knee and ankle) valuation recital based on the statistical computation techniques. We use the One-way ANOVA, least significant difference (LSD) test and Bartlett's test for equality of variances to determine which joint has more variation with others joints during human running gait. These three joints rotation angle data were computed from the Biovision Hierarchical data (BVH) motion file, because these joints provide the richest information of the human lower body joints (hip, knee and ankle). The use of BVH file to estimate the participation and performance of the joints during running gait is a novel feature of our study. The experimental results indicated that, the knee joint has the decisive influence (variation) as compared to the other two joints, hip and ankle, during running gait.



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