Multiple watermarking technique using optimal threshold

Noruhida Alias, Ferda Ernawan


The multiple watermarking technique has drawn more attention due to high demand for embedding more than one copyright. This paper proposes a multiple watermarking scheme using DWT-SVD by utilizing HVS characteristics. Our scheme embeds multiple watermarks in red and blue colors. The proposed scheme examines the coefficients of U orthogonal matrix for embedding and extracting watermarks. Watermarks are scrambled by Arnold transform before embedded in the host image in order provide additional security. The optimal thresholds for red and blue colors are revealed by finding a trade-off between normalized-cross correlation and imperceptibility from quantization steps. The experimental results demonstrate that our scheme achieves high resistant under JPEG and JPEG2000 compression for both inserted watermarks. 


Discrete wavelet transform, Singular value decomposition, Arnold transforms, HVS characteristics, Multiple watermarking

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