A fuzzy-PID controller in shell and tube heat exchanger simulation modeled for temperature control

C. Somasundar Reddy, K. Balaji


Shell and tube heat exchanger is the most generally utilized types of heat exchanger for heat transfer in many industrial purposes. Shell and tube heat exchanger comprises a set of unit. One unit includes mechanical parts and another unit consists of controlling part. Both the unit has to be modelled to ensure the efficient operation of shell and tube heat exchanger. The mechanical modelling is completely established on the type of applications. The controller modelling is independent of the kind of applications. The controller only needs the input fluid and output fluid properties such as temperature and flow rate.  Hence the primary objective of the paper is to focus on the controller part for enhancing the heat exchanger performance. This paper proposes the novel fuzzy-PID controlling technique based on the multiplication operation to make the settling time and overshoot of setpoint temperature to be less to a greater extent and the results are compared with the conventional PI method with various tuning algorithms.


Fuzzy-PID; Peak overshoot; Settling time; Shell and tube heat exchanger

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v21.i3.pp1364-1371


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