LE-OLSR protocol performance evaluation in various energy conditionsof mobile Ad-hoc and sensor wireless networks

Mohammed Belkheir, Mehdi Rouissat, Allel Mokaddem, Merahi Bouziani, Abdelatif Zerroug


A mobile Ad hoc and sensor wireless network commonly includes various mobile devices and sensors with limited resources. In such network, energy constraint and link stability are the most critical parameters to take into consideration when deploying routing mechanisms, to assure reliable communication between nodes.These requirements are due to the network scalability and the absence of a fixed infrastructure, which may cause a rapid depletion of the nodes batteries and leads onto network link breakages. LE-OLSR (lifetime enhancement optimized link state protocol) is a variant of the existing OLSR. This latter is widely used as routing protocol for mobile ad-hoc and wireless sensor networks. LE-OLSR implements a new load balancing algorithm; it takes into account energy constraints of a node when selecting routers, responsible for forwarding data packets over the entire network. The aim of our work is to study and simulate the LE-OLSR protocol behavior in realistic mobile environments, including scenarios with various residual energy constraints schemes. The performed simulations had shown that LE-OLSR performances decrease compared to the case of ideal mobile network. Nevertheless, LE-OLSR had shown persistence and fair results in the realistic environment.The obtained results show that LE-OLSR protocol is an adequate and a prime solution for dense mobile ad hoc networks.


Mobile ad hoc networks; LE-OLSR; QoS; Network Lifetime; Energy optimization

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v19.i3.pp1391-1398


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