Design of compact reconfigurable UWB antenna with WiMAX and WLAN band rejection

N. F. Miswadi, M. T. Ali


Two reconfigurable UWB antennas with band rejection characteristics are presented in this paper. By applying concept of parasitic element and etching slot in these two proposed antenna design WiMAX and WLAN band rejection are obtained, respectively to avoid potential electromagnetic interference (EMI). The proposed antennas are printed on 30mm x 40 mm Rogers5880 substrate. Furthermore, ideal switches are employed to achieve switchable band rejection UWB antenna.In this paper, two designs of reconfigurable UWB antenna with band rejection were proposed; namely a reconfigurable UWB antenna with WiMAX band rejection (Antenna 1), reconfigurable UWB antenna with WLAN band rejection (Antenna 2). The proposed antennas were successfully simulated, fabricated and measured. The Antenna 1 have impedance bandwidth from 2.99 GHz to 10.58 GHz with band rejection at 3.52GHz by utilizing C-shaped parasitic stripline. Meanwhile, Antenna 2 achieved an operating bandwidth from 2.99 – 10.82GHz with VSWR less than 2 except for the WLAN band operating at 4.92 – 5.84 GHz.The measured results for both antennas show good agreement with simulated ones.


Ultra-wideband (UWB), Wimaxband rejection, Wlan band rejection, Electromagnetic interference (EMI)

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